Corporate Profile

Aptiv8 was established since the year of 2015, we are one of the fastest growing IT and Manpower solution provider that assist local as well as emerging markets internationally. We help company’s adoption of Information Technology (IT) to their businesses, as we are specialized on integrated IT products and services that ranges from digitalized software systems, IT & Product Development, E & M commerce application and IT consultancy services.

We have also extended our business services to Aptiv8 Employment Agency, with our elite professional team that focuses on foreign talent acquisition and recruitment services. Aptiv8 EA is MOM appointed, licensed to service a full spectrum of the working community. In compliance with MOM EALC, we place Foreign Workers, Foreign Domestic Workers, as well as PMETs to match employers.

Aptiv8 had developed a distinct platform, Foreign Construction Workers Directory System (FCWDS), for online employment matching between Foreign workers and Employers. FCWDS is listed by IMDA as one of the SMEs Go Digital – List of Pre-approved Digital Solutions (total of 69 solutions updated as at 8 February 2018). More than 90,000 Foreign Construction Worker’s biodata has been registered to meet employer requirements. It also facilitates Foreign Workers to do transferring from employer to employer that saves costs, time and effort without even the need of worker’s repatriation. On top of that, we are the only channel designed to assist Foreign Construction Workers with COE of less than 90 days to worker’s permit expiry.

In 2017, the launch of FWapp has marked another milestone of collaboration with Ministry of Manpower (MOM), together with the support of Info-Communication Media Development Authority (IMDA). It is a one-stop mobile application targeting to create a feedback and inquiry communication channel for the Foreign Workers and Foreign Domestic Workers with MOM, complemented with many other services such as shopping, living, entertainment, top up services, learning, remittance etc. FWapp has attracted more than 50,000 registered users, and we have committed to outreached 200,000 users by 2020.