e/m Commerce Development Services

e Commerce
Sell your product & Services through this E Commerce platform in creating a marketing and business channels to better serve and outreach to your customers whether in local or international markets

m Commerce
Outreach to Smart phones user to create conveniences in viewing your product & services in using Mobile application platform

Advantages for B2B & B2C


  • Using E commerce  & M Commerce to expand your to local or international markets with minimum capital investment.
  • Reduce Cost by digitalizing the information of creating processor
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Increase Productivity & Pull Supply management of business process in obtaining customers interest
  • Multi-brand platform for marketing purpose
  • Online Payments easy transaction


  • Allow your Customers to receive updates of your company products & Services
  • Create a feedback & Inquire Platform for the customer to do it at anytime, any place 24/7
  • Readily available information. A customer can see the relevant detailed information within seconds rather than waiting for days or weeks.