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Minister Yaacob during Infocomm Media Business eXchange Opening Ceremony 2017

26 In particular, IMDA has been actively working with WSG and companies to help local displaced PMETs embark on new ICT careers through Adapt and Grow initiatives, such as Professional Conversion Programmes for Data Analysts and Full Stack Software Developers. For example, one of IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital partners, Aptiv8, is in urgent need of skilled professionals to scale up their roll-out of digital solutions to SMEs, and they are keen to tap on some of our PMETs who have been displaced. At the same time, we recognise that there could still be skill gaps among these PMETs. To overcome this, IMDA and WSG are working closely with Aptiv8 to provide conversion training opportunities for displaced PMETs through TeSA. I would like to applaud Aptiv8 for helping SMEs go digital and supporting displaced workers at the same time. We need more partners like Aptiv8, and I hope to see more companies coming on board.

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